Best Web Hosting for Small Business Websites (2018)

best small business web hosting

These days a small business without a website is like non-existent, at least in the eyes of online users. If you want to reach out more people and get more customers, you should not avoid the potential that is enclosed in the online world.

If you are running a small business and don’t have a website yet, you should urgently create one. The good news is that you don’t have to spend thousands for building a professional website. You can create your own site easily, without having knowledge about web design or programming.

In this article I will show you how to create your small business website in few steps. Here are three main important steps that you need follow to make a small website:

  • Choosing website builder platform
  • Choosing web hosting for uploading your site
  • Creating your website without writing code

I have really strong experience with website building, because I have built many sites for my clients. I also worked with several different hosting providers and I know which the best companies for hosting small business sites are. In the following I will show you how to get started with your own website.

Choosing the Website Building Platform

There are hundreds of tools and software you can use to create a website. I like to use WordPress for building my websites and clients’ sites. Will explain why:

WordPress is a free website building tool that is used by millions of small and big websites worldwide. Vogue, Quartz, Facebook Newsroom, Adobe blogs, Toyota Brazil and hundreds of other top websites are using WordPress. It is easy to use and does not require advanced technical skills to manage, edit and run your website. Many web hosting companies offer hosting service for WordPress, but not all of them are good.

Over the years I’ve tested the top small business web hosting companies in the US and found few of them that are really good in hosting WordPress sites.

Best Hosting Providers for Small Business Websites

In the next part will share my experience and will give you a quick overview of the best small business hosting companies that are great for building and hosting WordPress too.

When choosing a hosting company for your small business the biggest challenge is to find an affordable plan, which gives you the features you need. It is also important to take in consideration the available customer support as well guarantees. So here are my favorite small business hosting companies.

BlueHost – from $3.95 / month


BlueHost is one of the most popular small business hosting company for WordPress. BlueHost powers over two million WordPress sites and is also sponsoring WordPress events such as WordCamp. They are also involved in the development of this great software.

BlueHost offers multiple hosting plans for small and medium sized businesses. Their most popular small business plan is PLUS, which allows hosting unlimited websites offer unmetered web space and bandwidth and includes one free domain name.

BlueHost is a good hosting company to establish and grow your WordPress built business website. Besides the shared plans, which are great for small sites, at BlueHost you can purchase a virtual or a dedicated server. You can also choose from different WordPress optimized plans as well cloud hosting packages.

iPage – from $1.99 / month

ipage cheap small business hosting

If you are looking for a cheap hosting solution, iPage is the hosting company you should go with. Unlike BlueHost, iPage has only one small business plan, called Essential Hosting. This hosting package includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth, allows hosting unlimited domains and comes with a free domain name.

InMotionHosting – from $3.95 / month

inmotion small business hosting

Another great hosting company for small business websites is InMotion Hosting. They offer multiple hosting plans for different website needs. They are also very good in hosting WordPress sites. InMotion’s most popular package is Power Plan, which allows hosting up to 6 websites, includes unlimited storage and data transfer and comes with a free domain name.

InMotion is favoring WordPress users by offering them BoldGrid for free. BoldGrid is one of the best WordPress page builder plugin, which is only available for InMotion customers.

Creating, Editing and Managing your Website

As mentioned before, with WordPress you can build your website quickly and you don’t need to know PHP programming at all. If you choose one of the above mentioned hosting providers, you can install WordPress to your website with ease. Each hosting company offer QuickInstall tool, which will help you to deploy your website in just few minutes.

Once WordPress is installed to your site, you can start adding content: add text via the text editor, upload images and other documents via media manager, customize website header, footer and sidebar via theme customizer.

If you want to change the design of your website, with WordPress you can change the theme without losing the content you created before. If you want to add new features to your site, you can install plugins. The majority of plugins and themes are available for free, so you don’t need to spend any extra money, only if you want something really special.

The admin interface of WordPress is simple and intuitive. You don’t need any prior experience for using it. If you know how to create and send an email, you will know how to use WordPress too.


As I promised you, building a website and finding a reliable small business web hosting is not hard, if you know what platform to choose for creating your site and which hosting to choose. Choosing WordPress will save you a lot of time and effort.

All the above mentioned hosting companies offer tools for installing WordPress to your site with no extra effort. They also offer top customer support and WordPress help too. I recommend selecting the hosting provider that fits you the best.

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    BlueHost is one of best web hosting companies.
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