Best Free & Premium Slideshow Modules for Joomla

best joomla slideshow modules

Slideshows are an important element of every website. There are very popular and widely used, thanks to its eye catching properties. It is not accidental the use of slideshows on the mostly visited pages, most of the time on homepage. Many websites tries to highlight their main services or products via slideshows. Working with Joomla for so many years, I had the chance to try out many Joomla slideshow modules. I know it takes a lot of time to find the right slideshow for your Joomla website, so I have decided to create a list of the best slideshow modules for Joomla.

The following collection includes both free and commercial slideshows. I tried to collect many different type of sliders so you can find the best slideshow that fits your needs and budget. So here are my favorite Joomla slideshow extensions:

Free Camera Slideshow Module for Joomla

free camera slideshow joomla

Camera is a free and responsive slideshow with lots of settings. This particular module support up to twenty slides. Each slide having the option to display an image with caption, or a video embed from Youtube or Vimeo. The navigation between slides can be done via the navigation arrows, thumbnails or navigation bullets. The thumbnails are generated automatically.

Layer Slideshow module for Joomla

joomla layer slideshow

Is my favorite commercial Joomla slider. Comes with lots of settings and effects. The slideshow allows you to set up different layers, including text and images. Each layer will load with a delay and from a direction set by the user. Looks very professional and unique. It is perfect to advertise a high end product or service.

UIkit Slideshow Module for Joomla

ulkit slideshow module joomla

A very simple but good looking slider module. It is fully responsive, looks amazing on smart phones and tablets as well. This package includes 8 individual module display options and supports VirtueMart as well K2 component. Very easy to setup and use.

Creative News Slider Joomla Module

article slider joomla module

This module is perfect for displaying articles in a slideshow. This news slider can display content from core Joomla, K2 and VirtueMart. It is fully responsive, works with touche devices, supporting mouse clicks and touch drag navigation. It is built with CSS3, having over 30 animation effects. The module comes with lots of options and settings.

Responsive Joomla Thumb Slider Module

responsive thumb slider joomla

A simple responsive slideshow for Joomla with slick thumbnail navigation.

Prallax Content Slider Joomla Module

free parallax content slider

If you are looking for fancy slide effects with horizontal scrolling background, this is the slideshow you need. This module includes 10 different background styles. Each slide supports a heading, text, image and a custom read more button. In addition has lots of configuration options.

Free Joomla 3D Slider Module

3d joomla slider free

Very slick and nice slideshow with 3D animation effect. The setup and use of this slideshow is very easy. The shadow below the slider can be disabled, but in my opinion it looks better with the shadow.

FavSlider – Free Responsive Slider


A simple responsive slider with thumbs and image caption.



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