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best domain name finder suggestion tools

You are about to start your online presence. Maybe it’s a blog on architecture or hard-to-find sneakers; it may be an online shop for profound hi-fi, or simply your public diary. Whichever be the case, you need the best domain name the money can buy (it may as well happen to be available at a very low cost).

Your domain name should be short and easy to type and remember. Ideally it will include some keywords related to your niche or will be unique and brand able name, suggesting what your website is about, not longer than 6-15 characters in length. Be aware that your business or subject of coverage may extend over the years. To avoid the painful process of name changing, rebuilding audience, and search engine re-optimization, you should choose the name that works as good for your starting area of interest as it will for eventual extensions in the future.

To avoid confusion and loss in traffic due to misspelling and typos make sure not to include words with doubled letters, hyphens and numbers.

Easier said than done, you say? Well, not really. There are a number of tools to help you come up with the best domain name. There are various web apps for search and suggestion, offering wide range of features to help you forge a domain name that is just right! To help you choose the best tools, we have checked and reviewed most frequently used ones in a list below.


 This tool is designed to help you explore domains with creative endings, beyond common .com, .org, .net… With Domainr you can discover a bunch of new and original domain names and extensions with unique endings like: .cool,, .guru, and so on. It tracks more than 1,700 top-level domains, including 165 Internationalized Domain Names, non-latin TLDs.

Domainr is a handy tool to quickly generate domain names in easy fashion. Try it to find out it’s worth its name.

Lean Domain Search

 Lean Domain Search’s domain name generator specializes in highlighting unique and offbeat domain names using prefixes and suffixes. It also checks the availability of the exact match domain for your search term.

To check availability of domain names, all you need to do with Lean Domain Search is type in the words that you wish to be part of your domain name. In a blink of an eye, LDS will greet you with a list of suggestions.

At the first glance, Lean Domain Search does appear as a very basic domain name generator. Enter a word or two to realize how powerful it is, as LDS delivers several sorting options in results to make it easier for you to decide: alphabetical order, popularity, name length, etc. It also opts whether your word appears at the beginning or the end of preferred name and, naturally, checks if your domain name is available at all.

This is a great tool to start creative storm on your domain name with your team – or yourself.


 With Panabee you are taking a safe road in search for the perfect domain name. In addition, it can be used as a tool to generate app names, company, or even personal names. Panabee will ask you to enter two words describing your idea and will come up with a list of suggestions inspired by your input. These ideas may derive from abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes, syllables, or phonemes.

Panabee will search for name availability not only within all domain extensions but within social media as well.

Name Mesh

 With Name Mesh your search results will come out as a categorized list. You can choose whether you prefer a name that is common or rather fun, or has better focus on SEO.

The trouble with Name Mesh may be that it offers such a great versatility that you may end up befuddled. Still, it’s probably the best way to come up with magical domain names, but be prepared to invest a bit more time to go through all the suggested options. If you are looking for a quickie, better choose another tool.


 To play your game add nouns, verbs, adjectives or simply mix anything that comes to your mind with your keyword. Many users said that Impossibility is one of those tools that give you more control of its options. After entering your inputs, it’s time for Impossibility to play with it before searching for available domain names and delivering results.

To make sure you are not waiting too long, Impossibility uses multiple servers. So, if you are impatient for quick results this is just the right place for you.

From a drop down menu, you can opt for 4, 5 or 6 letter adjectives, verbs or nouns to be combined with your input. You can also choose the “mix anything” option to get greater variety. Read carefully through results to pick the best one. With Impossibility, everything is possible.


This domain name search tool uses primary and secondary keyword and synonyms. It is quite simple to use. All you need to do is type in two words to describe the domain name you are searching for and NameBoy will provide a list of name ideas, including information on availability and pricing. You can also opt for a rhyme.

The prices are quite high and the interface is a bit clumsy, but if you do not find the name you want to buy, check for better deals.


This is one of my favorites – a great tool for coming up with offbeat creative ideas. Wordoid is a master in creating great-looking and unique fictional words, plus none of them is more than 10 characters long.

Options with Wordoid:

Language option – choose from up to five languages to combine in order to create an original mix

Quality level – the higher the quality, the more the word corresponds with the words from the languages you selected

Generate random names or enter a keyword to use as the root.


Another tool with language control, random name generator with(out) a root keyword. With Namestation it is easy to check name variations. To get you more inspired, this tool gives you keyword suggestions, definitions and words that are semantically related. For a more precisely targeted domain name, you have option to refine search criteria.


DomainsBot is giving names for your sites and blogs since 2004. It is a very simple tool that’s turning your ideas into domain names in just a few clicks. Alongside domain listing from Godaddy (including prices), DomainsBot will alert you of expiring, expired and domains that are for sale.

It also offers coupling Facebook and Twitter ID suggestions. The iPhone app may come in handy to look for domain names when on the move.


Domain name generator is quite the secondary option within the most popular platform for launching your e-commerce website. With Shopify, you can find a decent name for your online shop but only with .com extension. Nevertheless, Shopify offers more than 20 free tools that may come in handy when launching your online business, including logo maker, slogan maker, QR code generator, Business car maker, invoice generator ad number of useful templates.

Bust A Name

The question is: Do you want to search it or create it? Both are possible with Bust A Name. This is a friendly tool that offers all you might need when it comes to generating the name, searching for it, and finding a hosting service for your online presence. You can set the number of letters (characters) for your domain name, choose how natural you want your word to be and what ending you wish to use.

Bust A Name also offers a video tutorial so it is not very likely to get sucked with this tool.

Wrapping it up

The time you invest in search for a domain name will pay off. Be assured that generic names will slow down your online dynamics and make your identity dull. You do not necessarily need to use advanced techniques in search for the perfect name, but make sure to choose wisely from plenty of ideas.

On the other hand, if you wish to make sure your domain name will fly out from flock, check domain name generators that are listed to find a best fit as one of them holds a name for you.

When it comes to registering domain names, GoDaddy and NameCheap are the largest and most popular domain name registrars.

As this may be your first step into the web world, your time is the least expensive investment. Do the work to identify the provider that best suits your needs and budget. With majority of web hosting providers, you can check the availability of your domain name and even get it for free for the first year of registration. Do not forget that the success of your business may be directly related to the domain name you choose at the beginning. Make it a boost, not a drag.

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