Shape5 Christmas Sale Discount

Here is a special Christmas Sale offer from Shape5 Joomla Template Club. Sign up with Shape5 until New Year and get 15% discount of any membership.

Shape5 Discount

Shape5 Template Club Features

1. With over 100,000 members Shape 5 is one of the largest and most experienced Joomla Template Clubs around.
2. Our large portfolio of dozens of templates and extensions allows you to quickly transform your site into a professional site and set you apart from the rest.
3. With an extensive variety of template designs you can find the right template to fit your Joomla needs.
4. Over the years we have proven to our members that we offer a great customer service; going above and beyond what others can offer for support of our products.
5. Our extensive forum community allows you to find answers quickly and share your own ideas with the community.
6. Have your site up and running in minutes by use of our Site Shapers; complete copies of our demo sites.
7. Access all of our source files such as PSDs, javascript, php and more.
8. Access to top notch templates and extensions that give you a design far above any other competitor.

Note: Discount is active until 1/1/2011