How to install Joomla in Localhost

You can generate a localhost server using xampp or wamp. This tutorial will show, how to install joomla in localhost using xampp.

1. Download xampp and install it to your computer. (google it!)

2. Download Joomla and unpack it and rename the folder to "joomla"!

3. Browse xampp directory and find the htdocs directory, place the "joomla" directory here!

4. Access in your web browser bar: http://locallhost/joomla . You will see the installation page.

5. Click next and enter the database details.

You need to create a database in the Xampp Control Panel, accessing the MySQL Admin button. For example, call your database "joomla"

In the installation page you will see:

Host name : localhost
Database name : joomla
User Name : root
Password : just lieve it blank

6. Click next, and complete the administrator login information. Finish the installation.

7. Go to the joomla folder (C:/xampp/htdocs/joomla), and delete the installation directory.

8. Reload your web browser (http://localhost/joomla) and you will see your new joomla localhost website.

 You can use localhost server for many things, for testing joomla before using on a website, testing components or modules, editing or creating joomla templates.